Everglades. Last Stand
36x24    $790
Native Holocoust

40x60    $1,700

 Ghost  Orchid
16x20  $590
Everglades. Slough of Shadow

12x12   $290

Heart of Darkness
11x14    $390

Clouded River

18x24 $590
Wintery Everglades

11x14 $390
Everglades. Indian Red

11x14     $390
Everglades. Gator 

8x10     $190
Everglades.River Evil Spirit

40x30 $990   
White Ghost of Everglades
20x16  $490

12x16     Sold
Giclee prints on canvas available 8x10 $65
Roadside Meadow

24x12     $210
Mona Lisa of Everglades

16x20     $920
Everglades Sunset

11x14     $90
   Lettice Lake Park

8x10     Sold
Home Sweet Home

8x10 Sold   
    Red Onion - Aspen

11x14     Framed $380 
Victorian House - Aspen

11x14     Framed $380
    Galena Street - Aspen

11x14    Framed $380