Russian Artist Tatyana Igumnova Hankinson was born in 1968 in the former Soviet Union. Tatyana studied seven years and graduated from the Kubyshev Art School in Tashkent, Uzbekistan majoring in Drawing and Fine Art. She worked as a poster artist and had personal exhibits in the Soviet Union.
Tatyana moved to United States in 2002. With a number of exhibitions behind her she became a full time artist and art tutor. She lived in Tampa, FL for ten years and then moved to Huntsville, AL. She works in different media, but has a special fondness for oil and pastel.
Tatyana was Vice President of Tampa Regional Artists 2005 through 2010 and a signature member of Pastel Society of Tampa Bay.  In 2010, she was awarded a grant from Hillsborough County Art’s Council to paint 20 to 25 paintings of architectural and memorable places in Tampa area.
“I get inspiration from different places around the world and my paintings reflect love for places I have lived and visited. I like oil and pastel for the variety of colors, and watercolor for its spontaneity. Painting in different media gives me freedom to experiment, I paint oil paintings in 'unpredictable watercolor' style. I hope you will fall in love in my subjects as I have.”
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